3DL Smartsheet Extension

Smartsheet and Zapier have immense power, but combined are unstoppable.  The native Smartsheet app within Zapier is very limited and not very helpful.  If only there was a way to harness the power of Smartsheet AND Zapier.  Finally there is a way to take your Smartsheet system to entirely new level with the 3DL Smartsheet Extension.  Using this tool in Zapier you can do the following:

  • Lookup information by column, row or sheet for reference and update

  • Select and use row attachments in subsequent Zapier steps

  • Update row content that are multi-select fields in Smartsheet

  • Add an image to a cell

  • Move a sheet to another folder

  • Plus several more functions

All of the above functions can be used to supercharge your automations within your business.  Sign up today for a 7 day free trial.  After your trial, use of the app is $9.99 a month.